Showgrounds riding school


All booking enquires are dependent on availability. We have a weight limit of 90kg for riders. If you are unsure what you should book in for, please contact our office so we can help guide you to the riding goals you want to achieve.



Private 1 Hour Lesson:

Private Lessons are best suited to adult riders and intermediate-advanced children. You can gain so much from the 1 on 1 lesson! They can also be used in addition to group lessons for any skills you want to perfect.

$150 (Weekday)
$170 (Weekend)

Private Lesson – 30 Minutes:

30 Minute private lessons are perfect for the absolute beginner kids or more intermediate riders that want to perfect or learn their cantering skills. These lessons are not suitable for adult riders.

Private Lesson ½ Hour – $100

Shared Lesson – 1 Hour, 2 people maximum

Shared lessons are great if you and a friend want to ride together & are at a similar riding level. Ideally you will have a riding partner to book with, but if not, let us know and we may be able to match you with another client looking for shared lessons too!

Shared Lesson – $130 per person

Group Lessons – 1 Hour, 5 People maximum

Group lessons are a great way to learn, not only will you get individual attention in your lesson, you are able to watch and listen from the other riders too! We will match you with a group suited with your riding level, age and availability. Suitable for both children and adults.

Group Lesson 1 Hour – $120 per person

Centennial Park Rides – 1 Hour

Centennial Park Rides are suited for all levels of riders, children and adults, beginner to experienced! Centennial Parklands is a beautiful park, even more beautiful when you’re on horseback. The ride around Centennial Park last approximately 1 hour. You can book for 1 or up 5 for your own private park ride.

Centennial Park Ride – $130 per person

Pony Rides – 30 Minutes

(Minimum age of any rider is 3 years old – aimed for children 3-12 years old)

Take a nice short walk around the centre or Centennial Park with our pony ride – this is perfect for younger children or nervous children to introduce them to riding.

$75 per person

Ready Set Trot

$145 for 2 hour session (1 Hr Riding, 1 hr Theory) – $1,450 per term

Ready, Set, Trot is a beginner through intermediate program perfect for any young person wanting to become a riding superstar. The program has been designed by Equestrian Australia, and once you sign up will receive a work booklet to complete in your theory sessions. Theory sessions are based on skills such as learning parts of the horse, which gear to use and how to bridle and saddle your horses. The riding part is done with a group of similar aged kids which is great for making friends! Participants learn the fundamentals of good horsemanship, important aspects of riding technique and etiquette, and effective application of safe horse practice – all in a fun, immersive environment.


$145 for 2 hour session (1 Hr Riding, 1 hr Theory) – $1,450 per term

Equiskills is a great program aimed at more experienced riders (13+) and adults. Equiskills has been created by Equestrian Australia and once you sign up (through EA) you will receive a work book to complete in your theory sessions. Equiskills teaches more advanced riding and theory skills and is not suitable for beginners. Riders 13+ joining the Equiskills program are able to progress from completing this program to our squad programs.

Pony Birthday Parties:

Pony parties are great fun, excellent for 2-15 children! Each child will get a ride on a pony, there will also be grooming, horse quizzes and pony themed games. Pony parties can be held in the park (where you can set up a picnic area for party food after) or in the centre.

1x pony per 5 children

$290 per pony for 90 minutes

ShowSquad Riding Groups:

Speak with our office

ShowSquad riding groups are only available by invitation from your riding coach.
Squad riding groups ride twice a week – 1 shared lesson and 1x 2 hour Group lesson & 1 Hour Theory. Squad riders will enjoy priority horse selection, attend internal competitions and clinics.

$3,500 for 10 week Term